Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liz handler plus class, session 2-

Oh Liz and I can be a sad little team. I took Liz to her class last night, it was freezing so I grabbed my sweater and saw that Breeze pulled my sweater into her crate and ate a hole in the sleeve-REALLLY BREEZE?? Was that necessary?

Liz did AMAZING for being Liz. She ran off to say HI to Deanna the instructor- she rounded a corner looked suprised to find Deanna there and just had to say HI.
I frustrated Liz by being in the wrong place to show her how I wanted her to come off the teeter and I pushed her out around a jump, but whatever...she was happy and working well. We did a rear cross exercise after this that was...well, something we can work on, LOL.

BUT SHE ONLY RAN OFF once during class and she was able to work the entire class-and those are long classes, that is HUGE for her.


Diana said...

Well she certainly isnt scared of the teeter huh? Lol Diana

Sam said...

She looks extremely happy, you are right, and that's the most important thing!