Monday, October 5, 2009

Wish us Luck!

Well, wish us luck, tonight is Lizzies first class at PawPrints, the local training club. Actually I am pretty excited to see how she is going to do. On the plus side it is close, so she does not have to be in a crate for a long time before is later in the day, so maybe she will be winding down (but, that is silly this is Liz and she never winds down, LOL...), she will know one or two of the dogs but mostly they will be new dogs, the classes are long-so I am thinking if we end up losing some of her brain then I will just leave. I have been through these classes with the other dogs, and the last time I took this class Liz did some of the exercises, so at least it will not all be new.... I am afraid to bring Breeze because when I bring both dogs one always sits and screams when the other works, which does not make me I feel like this is my first time without the training wheels and Liz is going alone for better or for worse-no back up dog, hopefully she can pay attention through the whole class and if not we will evaluate again if I have to bring a second dog to work....

Can you tell I am a little nervous? Not really nervous but feeling like I want to really plan for success and give Liz every chance to feel good and have a good experience. No big deal if she does not do well, but I just hope she has progressed enough to pull this off and I am not really sure she has, so I am keeping my fingers,..... and toes... crossed.....I am packing up lots, and lots of treats...hummm, think I will head to Target and get a few more treats, would not be good to take any chances on running out especially since I might end up having to do a lot of feeding to keep her working and focused on me, hahahahahah, and I am packing the best toys,basically getting everything organized. I went over what is on the lesson plan so that I can devote full attention to giving clear signals and keeping on top of Liz without being distracted by figureing out what my part is. Liz is very sensitive to me and if I am unsure or confused that really wigs her out-so of course I avoid that!!!!

It is cool today, and the wind is blowing, YIKES, that always puts the dogs in a wilder mood, so we will see!


Diana said...

whoow, I nervous just reading your post. Lol I hope it goes well, which Im sure it well. Diana

Sam said...

Good luck! I hope it went well. I know all about agility nerves.. I was so jittery when I joined the big class with Marge last month.