Thursday, October 22, 2009

my latest problem....

This is not dog related but it has been causing me a lot of grief in my life recently, so I really wanted to just take a minute to gripe about it. I know in each relationship there are spenders and there are savers. I suppose in my home I am more the spender, and my hubby is more the saver, some days he can be a little cheap. He is the type of guy that when we wanted to get living room furniture, like the whole set...a couch, a love seat, a chair some side tables he thought that $200 should do it nicely....he thought a couple of hundred dollars would refloor the whole house. Well, welcome to 2009, he is just so funny at times.

The current difficultly arises from the fact that hubby would like to do all the shopping at the dollar store. I love the $1 store and they have some fun things. I do not like when hubby was trying to buy dish washer soap at the dollar store that left all sorts of weird films of an unknown substance that did not look safe on our dishes, when he buys these silly toys for the kids that have been recalled for lead and just end up in our feet broken all over the floor before they have been in the house for an hour, he would probably get his medications there if he could.

Recently, I realized hubby had bought a huge supply of TOILET PAPER at the dollar store. Let me tell you at least this dollar store toilet paper bears little resemblance to what I think of toilet paper. The roll of toilet paper is so small that we can go through several a day-which the dogs take the empty rolls and put them in the trash so they enjoy that, but it is turning into a daily occurrance that everyone is screaming to please get a new roll. The toilet paper seems to be made of some scratchy wood that I am sure they thought about turning into paper, but...they apparently didn't quite get that far and how could something that is so see through and thin be that scratchy? Needless to say I made a trip to Target today and got a BIG pack of the toilet paper mega rolls, LOL, something that will last and is a little higher quality. The funny thing is that the dollar store rolls were so small, I can not believe all in all that the dollar store toilet paper has got to be way more expensive per sheet then the nicer real toilet paper that actually functions like toilet paper.


Diana said...

This had me rolling laughing. My husband and I are the same way. His favorite sayings are "Is it free?" and "I can build that" ( huh, no he cant). Nothing worse than cheap toilet paper. Diana

Sam said...

LOL! There is nothing worse than low-quality toilet paper. Honestly, some things you just need to spend a little money on and can't take the easy way out.. glad you went out and got the real stuff!