Saturday, May 9, 2009

BREEZE first AKC run JWW

Well, after all the worrying and whining, it looks like it was all for nothing. Little Breeze Did AMAZING! We met all our training goals and even earned a Q in the JWW run and a second place. I was so excited she held her start line stay and she did not run around any jumps even though the second jump was at a pretty severe angle and she tends to go around the first or second jump so it was super amazing she just headed right over that jump. The other really great thing was that she checked in with me at the end, saw me running and she just figured out what she was supposed to do and drove right on through the last jumps. She caught the weave entry first time, but did not stick it and poped out between pole 3-4 I believe but when I brough her back and got her thinking again she did it the second time with no problems. It was blazing hot and we did not get to run until well after 3, but Alicia stuck around to cheer us on-which really added to the moment, Kara and Dillon were there to watch, and that was super neat it was really great to have them there especially when they had to wait around on such a hot day to see the run, and of course Denise and Kodi were there. I got one of those big beach umbrellas from costco and put Breezes crate under there and then I have some sun screen fabric and we were able to make it through the day.

ACTUALLY the Q may not count because Breeze measured where she can jump 16 normally in the regular class, but I was sure she was too big for that so I put her in preferred, well, then she measured ok for the 16 inches, I did not realize she measured under where she could jump the regular jump height and so because the preferred box was checked on the entry and not the standard, the trial secretary said she did not think the run would count, but goodness, she is supposed to jump 16, she jumped 16 and she Q'd in 16 so just seems a bit of a pain to me, but what ever, we met our training goals and that is the important thing.


Diana said...

WhooHoo!! That looked great and you even got it on video. Diana

ffluffy said...

Yeah for racing and riding AND meeting goals!

Epicurus said...

Congratulations Kathy! That was very exciting to watch!