Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fish for breakfast

YIKES! So I have fed the dogs raw for years now. I have also been a vegetarian for seven or eight years-but I troll the small ethnic grocery stores we have around here and deal with cow hearts, chicken feet, chicken livers, I grind all sorts of meats in my meat grinder,and definately feed all sorts of things that are not the most appetizing-although a lot of it looks pretty good if you were a meat eater. A few weeks ago I found some whole fish at our Food 4 Less store that were marked down a LOT. I took them home and the border collies-Liz and Breeze quickly figured out what to do with them, but the shelties just sat and licked the fish. I was panicking thinking I was going to have to climb in the sheltie crates and fish out the yucky fish, but then it occured to me to let Breeze and Liz go in and clean up the left overs. I feed fish but it has always been filets, not whole fish. So Alicia gave me some really nice pretty good size fish to feed the dogs and knowing the shelties would not eat fish heads I had to chop the fish up, and cut off the heads. Something just really bothers me when the food looks like something real, and those little heads and eyes are just a problem for me. Mostly I guess it is the eyes. So for breakfast Liz and Breeze chomped on the little fishies, grabbing their heads and chewing them, and really enjoying their treat, the shelties are finally eating some chunks of the fish, and everyone seemed pretty satisfied.

My youngest daughter helps feed the dogs, so when I gave her some of the bowls to pass out she took one look at the fish and said "this is disturbing...very disturbing", LOL! Hopefully my daughter does not end up on Dr. Phil one day recounting how helping her mom feed the dogs has messed her up.

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