Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NADAC FINAL COUNT, TWO FIRSTS with Q's, One second, and one mucked up start line run

Finally...some runs with video to back up what happened. What can I say, this weekend we started having not happy start line issues. Breeze was definately more stressed, and I am going to be working on that a lot this next week. The jumpers run was a NQ because we dropped a bar, but we got the big things, and we got a second.

The tunnelers run was a lot of fun. Breeze has not got the hang of understanding when she goes in a tunnel and I cross behind figureing out where I will be when she comes out, so I expected a LOT of spinning. It was much better then I expected. I will say when I walked out and there was that LONG LINE of jumps and I was thinking about how far I needed to run and I quickly figured out how fast she would make that distance, I was a little intimidated thinking of how much I would have to hustle. I was right about that. Best thing was I did not forget the course, those tunnelers courses can be hard to remember because you get in the middle and all you see is tunnels. The tunnelers run was a Q and a first place, Yippie!


Diana said...

Wow thats alot of tunnels. Im sure the dog is thinking," another tunnel, this cant be right?" LOL It looked great. Both videos. Diana

Nicki said...

Hey cool dogs. Enjoyed your video. It's good to see some other who do some NADAC. We do mostly AKC and some NADAC. Come and check out Borderblog sometime!

Epicurus said...

Very cool!!!