Friday, May 22, 2009

How to tire out a may be the only thing that can wear her out

When we walk into Liz's tricks class, Lizzie is spacey, lunging around to go see everyone, and looks like she has never been on a leash. After an hour of the class, Little Liz walks out like an obedience dog, loose leash, at my side and calm as can be. An hour of clicker training and shaping wears her out like nothing else in the world does. We do a lot of work in that class, we are at week 5 and this is the list of what we have worked on-not all totally done but we are working on them:
1. Roll over
2. 101 things to do with a box
3. lick on command
4. Turn their head to the side and pose for pictures
5. lay down and reach their paws forward, then put their head on the ground to look sorry.
6. shake
7. high five
8. wave
9. retrieve their leash and other things
10. bow
and now we are starting to teach them to read commands off a card, we did "sit" and "down".
It really amazes me how fast Liz picks things up and the more things she learns the faster she picks it up.


ffluffy said...

OR you could just turn her loose in a field of gophers............

Diana said...

Wow thats a lot of things learned in a short time. Are they really reading the cards? I always thought that was a trick ( they are acting off another cue). Diana

Kathy said...

It takes awhile for them to really be reading the card, but eventually they are able to, AND you have to work really hard to not be giving an other cue, but you have to use at least 3 cards/cues so you want tell they are not just guessing, anyway, hopefully we will get it down!