Friday, May 8, 2009

THE PLAN-goals for Breeze first AKC trial tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is Breeze's first AKC trial. Unfortunately I do not think I will have anyone to tape it, ;-( , so I am sort of bummed about that, but what are you going to do? The good part is my friend Denise and her dog Kodi are going to be doing their first AKC trial too, so I will have some good company.

The weather has just changed, it feels like summer and the trial is not at the field I thought it was, and the one it is at does not have any shade. Of course I do not have my easy up because my car is out of commission, so not sure how we will make it through the day especially since this little car is not one I can work out of. It was 99 degrees today. Ughghg, that is the only thing I am really stressing out about for this trial. I got really sick yesterday during our class-a migraine type headache and feeling nauseous, from the heat, so if I really feel sick or if Breeze is not looking good we will not run, I hope it doesn't come down to that. I got a little beach umbrella and then I will take my shade cloth to sort of fashion some type of shade if I can find my clamps, but of course I am not sure where they ended up when everything got taken out of the car.

The start line, I want to get out and let her off the start line fast, that means thinking about what I want to do before I go out there, because my biggest goal is Breeze taking the jumps I am going to let her run if she breaks her start line,I have thought long and hard about all our goals before I made that decision, she is doing pretty well at the start line, so I am just going to do my best, not go as far out, try to figure out if she is going to move and release her first and hope for the best.
My biggest goal is just to get to where I need to be, so if she sails around a jump but we get the general course-going around jumps or going way wide is something we are working on, so I am not going to worry too much if that happens. Mostly I want to make sure I am getting where I need to be, if that makes sense.
Weaves-we will try the weaves twice and if she doesn't get them we are going on. If she gets them then that will definitely make me very happy. She generally gets the weaves unless she is just hauling too much and then has trouble hanging on and pops past a pole or two at about the third pole, so my goal is to remember to decelerate just a tad if she is really moving into the poles.
My other important goal is for me to identify any converging lines and work them so Breeze is more likely to stay on course. I have been working on that a lot, so hopefully I will see where I need to use that.

So all in all, it is our first AKC trial, Breezie is just a baby dog, we still have a lot of training and I do not want to put too much pressure on either of us. I am trying to remember to train and not be too hung up on if we Q or not. I just do not want to get too worried at Qing and give up the other things we are training for, I do not want to be going back over and over to fix things and demotivate my little girl, especially if the heat is as bad as I think it is going to be.

Guess the fact that I feel the need to write about it probably shows I am a little more nervous about our trial then I am willing to admit...Anyway, wish us luck!


ffluffy said...

you have learned a lot young grasshopper! your goals are perfect and well verbalized! have fun tomorrow, racing and riding!

Diana said...

Good luck. Im sure everything will work out great. Diana