Saturday, May 23, 2009

NADAC Memorial Day Madness Saturday in Pearblossom, CA first place and a Q!!!!

Saturdays Trial, Memorial Day Madness, NADAC, Pearblossom, CA
First place, Qualifying run
It was hot, but Breeze did terrific. The only bad worry for the day was that Breeze did not pee, ALL day long, so when she got out on the field and was sniffing and sniffing, I was sort of worried about that. There also was a cute little gopher, that came up and was popping his head right next to jump #2, and you all know we have had our trouble with gophers stealing dogs attention, LOL, so I was glad that Breeze was not too interested in him or did not see him. We are back to do it all again tomorrow.


Diana said...

WooHooo!! It looked great. I really enjoyed the commentations on the tape sayaing "jump", "tunnel, tunnel, tunnel" LOL Was that a friend or trainner? Diana

Epicurus said...

Congratulations! Awesome:)

ffluffy said...

LOL! I promise to stop talking when I video you. I sort of can't help it. ffluffTARD