Friday, May 15, 2009

By George, we are getting it, super terrific lesson

whoo hooooo, we had my private and then class in Acton last night and WOW, Breeze is reading so many things, looking for the line or jumps, holding her start line, and it has been over 4 weeks since she has had any missteps, any weird little hops, anything like that, and she worked for a long time and worked hard last night. Just a few weeks ago she could not read my lead out moving front cross and last night she was just on it last night. It is so cool because she is at the stage where it is easy to see big changes every week. Add to that the fact that she is doing awesome at our contact training, both her and Lizzie are going to have some contacts! LOL.

Liz is doing fine, I was worried about her looking for the gophers since she spent the end of the last lesson on her own personal gopher search, but she wanted to play agility.

Just the most interesting thing to run both dogs back to back. Breeze really is more comfy when we have wide open spaces and I can let her do her thing, she does not particularly like working really close and doesnt like being pushed or pressure. Lizzie loves to work close and gets all hyper and lost when she needs to go ahead, or work out on her own a bit. So Lizzie will really whirl around and almost trip who ever is running her if she has to drive out to another jump, or she will just ram into your knees or bowl you down when you hold your ground. When I took lessons with Deanna she would say to hold my ground a lot and do not be afraid they are not going to crash into you, they will respect your space, hahahhahahahah, well, I think she had not seen Lizzie at her finest.

Poor Alicia was running Liz last night and got rammed into by the little lizard last night a bunch of times and I am really suprised she did not go down because Liz was jumping right in front of her a lot, LOL.

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