Saturday, May 30, 2009

ITS OFFICIAL, LITTLE Breeze is 17 3/4-18 inches, and 32 lbs

YIPPIE!!!! Breeze got her second measurement for AKC, so she is all official. She was right on the line for the jump heights so we ended up losing a Q last time we ran because I had her in the wrong class, so now we are all official. Now to not lose the temporary papers with the measurements until the official height card gets here.

The judge that measured Breeze was Rhonda Crane and she was so patient with the dogs and with the novice handlers, some judges can just be so impatient when they have to come and measure-which I can see why, it must be a pain for them to have to come over and do that in their limited breaks. Rhonda was GREAT, she worked with Breeze, she explained to everyone the rules with measuring. You get your first measurement in AKC, they give you the yellow back copy of the measurement, which you KEEP!!! This will be what you use to check in until the next trial where there is another VMO (volunteer measuring official????). When you get to the second trial that has a VMO-they will do your final measurement, if your dog is over 2 and if both measurements basically agree with each other, then you will get the second yellow copy of the second measurement. You need to save both of these, but you use the second measurement until your permanent height card gets here. So Rhonda, and Alicia both said make sure to get a couple of COLOR copies of the measurements in case anything happens at the AKC. I guess most importantly DO NOT LOSE your copies of the yellow sheets. If one of the measurements is way out there then there will be a third tie breaking measurement. BUT NO NEED FOR THAT TODAY, YIPPIE!!!!

The trial today and tomorrow is in Pasadena. I just went today to watch Denise and Kodi in Rally and to measure in, and SHOP!!! This is a huge trial with a lot of vendors-although not as many as in years past, there is confirmation and obedience. There were a couple of people from my dog club trialing today and I saw Kara and Dillon, my other favorite border collie. Denise and Kodi did EXCELLENT in Rally and were in a three way tie for first place in Rally. YEA KODI!!!! Denise also did very well at her jump height of about 48 inches, hahahahahahahah, and she knows what I mean by that, I think she should definitely get a first place for her performance today.

So tomorrow we actually get to run, and no measuring in to stress me out. Worrying about the measuring in has made me way more nervous then the trial this weekend.

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Diana said...

Good luck. We got our official measurements today too. Diana