Friday, January 23, 2009

another stormy I spent my afternoon...

I got a call today and a friend was told that her neighbor who rescues big cats, like Lions and Tigers is a finalist for an Extreme Home Makeover. HOw cool is that? With all the traffic my friend is going to need someone to watch her dogs, think I might make a deal that she has to let me come by and peek, LOL. Guess all the roads get closed off and the residents have to get passes and there are security check points, how cool is that?

This afternoon I got to share the time honored old family recipe with my daughter for Rice Crispie Squares. LOL, she has been doing a lot of learning about nutrition and really wanting to learn how to cook, actually have been making enough peanut butter and snooker doodle cookies to keep us all very full, so it was time for her to learn one more thing to make.

Today is a stormy, rainy day. I am afraid I was riding a training "high", but have been taken down another notch-AGAIN!. I am working on the rear crosses with the dogs and last night I had broken down the new exercises I am working and had thought we almost had it. I thought about it last night and Alicia, my super cool trainer, has been trying to drum watching for converging lines into my head, and overnight I got this big light bulb moment thinking that is what I was forgetting and that would be the answer to my problems. So basically, a converging line is sort of like making a V and you put increased pressure on the dog to keep them going on the straight line and not drifting into you. Well, after running several times trying to figure it out, well, that was not the problem or at least not all of the problem. I think my baby dogs are definately not understanding that if my movement is going forward they still need to move forward, so ....since we are doing a Linda M handling system guess that is to be expected and guess we will still just have some more work to do!

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