Friday, January 9, 2009

Lizzie-the end of the curly split face red/white line

Well, it is official there will be no curly haired red/white border collies being generated from our home, Lizzie went in this morning for her spay. It makes me sad, because I love how Lizzie looks, I love her stable personality, I love how she attacks life and loves everyone and everything and will try anything-all qualities I would have loved to pass along. BUT, then I think about what a challenge she has been and I guess I dont want to put her through the whole puppy bearing thing, so she is off to the vets today. Funny I am a RN in my "other" life, and I worked in the open heart surgery unit, cardiac care and labor and delivery, so you wouldnt think a little thing like a spay would scare me, but I hate having my dogs have to go through something like that and of course every possible complication goes through my mind. I left her off this morning and warned them about how she will run if given a chance, I could see the tech looking at me like, oooh my gosh, just leave lady, hahahaha, so I will be very glad this evening when little Liz is back with me and all ok, and I guess I will be really glad in about a month and a half when she would have been in season and I will not have to deal with that again, I will be very glad it was done then.


Diana said...

I think its harder when you have a medical background and your dog has surgery. Lets face it, when a lady has a hysterectomy its major sugery. You are watch in a hospital for several days. Dogs just get sent home. But boy they bounce back quick. The first night she wasnt to great,but after that she seemed like herself. Hope it all goes well. O,yea and when I brought her home, her microchip was out of her skin. so I had her take her back and they put it back in. Not to much fun. Diana

Kathy said...

Luckily Lizzie is home and doing pretty good, of course she tried to jump in the car and tried to jump up on the bed as soon as we walked in-she could hardly stand up straight but she was trying to jump-going to be fun to keep her quiet for a few days! I did get some props to shape a few new tricks, that should help!

Diana said...

Im glad all is well. Diana