Friday, January 2, 2009

Cherry Jan. 2, 2009 Day 8

Today we stayed with six weaves and rotated them open to encourage speed, sorry I took video but must have bumped the camera and didnt get all the poles in view, so I noticed right when it was time to stop when I was readjusting the weave poles to be straight, so I only got our last try. This try was after I had taken and put the weaves back to a straight row. I also used a little purple wubba so that we got some experience using a different reward. So six weaves, straight, all staked down and today was the first day I did notice some bumping into the poles so I was glad I had started staking them down a few days ago.

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Diana said...

great job! I notice your throw was good timing so the dog didnt look back. Thats great. thanks for posting the video. Diana