Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lizzie really LIKES turning on the light!

I was SUPPOSED to substitute teach for my agility class this evening but had to cancel because of rain, so I was sitting almost falling asleep and all of a suddent the light flicked on and the room was filled with light. LOL, you guessed it, Liz had run over and turned on the lights, perfect timing, it was too cute, and now I can send her from way across the room to turn on the light, once I teach her to answer the phone and get the remote, maybe fetch a drink from the ' will be really good, LOL.
I really enjoyed reading the blog post for Jan 22 in Susan Garretts blog-there is a link to get to her blog on this site. It is titled "Perspectives" and you might want to check if out if you get a little time.

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