Monday, January 26, 2009


So after all weekend of sitting around the house waiting for family members that said they were coming this weekend, of course everyone showed up today. We had a very nice visit. One picture here is of Chris my son, Abby my eldest daughter and Emma my younger daughter, and my mom. Check it out my son is 6'6" tall, and my daughter dwarfs my mom. We did some work with the dogs on my agility equipment, my mom has five dogs also, so for today we had ten dogs at my house. That is a LOT. My mom has a border collie named Jessie and then four little yorkies. One of her yorkies and Jessie her BC do agility. My mom wisely picked a Marriott hotel that had the most awesome pool. I had no idea that we had a hotel with an indoor pool, and this was a new Marriott and very nice. We spent most of Sunday night in the pool and all Monday afternoon. My mom was going to watch the girls while I went to obedience class because it was the last class, but I was having such a good time that I deceided to skip school, poor Liz she will never be obedient when her mom makes her miss her classes.
One very bright spot in the afternoon was that Lizzie was very calm and handled herself very well with new people in the house. The other dogs were running around like wild animals and Lizzie was calmly trying to heel off leash. She really is growing up. I was very proud of how she reacted.
I have figured out what my family all has in common with each other. These are in no particular order, but we all are into animals-especially dogs, we all like swimming and the water-give us a pool and we all loosten up and have a great time, EATING, and we of course all have our tv shows that we love to discuss.

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