Sunday, January 25, 2009


About a year ago I played around trying to knit. Actually I did make some cute stuff, some scarves, some fingerless mitts, and some socks of all things. My friend Collette-Lazy Perry Ranch-is such a good instructor and has received many a late night call of help when I can not figure out what to do. So I have not knit in about a year, but my fingers have been cold and I love the fingerless gloves for training the dogs, I can keep my hands warm and still have fingers to get out treats. This is the pair of fingerless gloves that I made this week. The pattern is from Knitty Spring 2007 I used a yarn called Ultra Alpca and circular needles and as amazed as I am, I actually was able to do these by myself, EVEN WITH THE PRETTY CABLES and I thought I couldnt even remember how to cast on, LOL. Check out my friend Collette blog-the link is with the blog links at the side, it is Lazy Perry Ranch, and she has an etsy shop where she sells some gorgeous hand dyed yarns and hand made stuff.


Diana said...

They look beautiful. Great job. Diana

Collette said...

Aww Kathy, they look beautiful and you are so sweet:) You get all the credit on this one. You did them all by yourself and you did a wonderful job!!!!