Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning the teeter

so I just thought I would put a small video of what I have done with Cherry's teeter. STEPS I HAVE DONE SO FAR:

*First off I taught her to knock down soda cans on tile to get her used to noise. *I worked on a little wobble board-which always terrified her, so I was concerned about what teaching the teeter might be like
*I worked on a board to teach her to lie down on the end of a board in the position I have chosen for her-this was just on a travel plank on the floor
*We played the bang it game-just clicker training Cherry to grab the board, very low at first then raising it, she would bang the board down to help her release she can control this.
*jumping on and off the board that is very low and then raising and having Cherry jump into position *right now we are mostly working on getting the right position and making that the funnest place in the world so she will really want to get there *Cherry is very uncomfortable to start with on narrow planks and she does a lot of swinging around of her back end, so we are doing a lot of tricks, sits/downs/turns/jumping on and off of planks, starting on the floor and then raising them.

I had to find a new way to teach the teeter because we have not had any privates or classes for awhile because of the holidays so I knew I was on my own. I will say more about it as we get further down the line and post video, but so far it seems to be working pretty well, and most importantly it is working with just one person. I just really want Cherry to not have any fear issues and to be very comfortable so I am taking my time and trying to really hit each step thoroughly.
I have chosen NOT to do a traditional 2O2O because of Cherry's bad hip, I think that holding down the board with her back legs really might not be a good idea for her and I think the four on the board with the front legs off, her head low and down will work just as well for her.

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It looks really good! Diana