Friday, January 30, 2009

Breeze and Liz graduate Level 2 and Jan 29,09 training

I am lucky enough to take private lessons with Alicia who is a VERY accomplished agility trainer and handler. A link to her blog blogility is . I started out in agility like most people doing classes which are a great way to get into agility but sooner or later I think everyone benefits from some private lessons. You get so much done and the instructor can really focus in on your little dog/person team, and give you just what you need because they have the time and can tailor your lesson for just what you team needs. I have come to believe that privates are a very cost effective way of training, and even if you can not do it all the time taking a few privates can really get you going, or help you address a particular problem before you spent months and months and lots of frustration trying to figure out something on your own. So in addition to being lucky enough to get to take private lessons I also have the best instructor in the world giving me lessons. Can you tell I just love my instructor?? She really is great. So last night Alicia just cut through all the time I have been spending trying to work on my rear crosses and gave me some great things to work on and showed me just what we need to do, much better then struggling for months. I think we are on the right track to get these rear crosses conquered. Alicia also helped me to see a couple of situations where I need to be planning better when I need to be way ahead of my dog, cutting off as much distance as possible, and when I need to hang back because to show my dog what I want I need to be there so getting ahead, not so helpful. All those helpful things on one lesson, YIPPIE!

In class I got to run with Zoe, a little Jack Russel Terrier who is such a cutie. I had no idea if she would run with me because she doesn't know me and is prone to running off in class, but she actually stayed with me and loved my treats! hahaha, I know the way to a dog's heart! I am going to post a video of little Zoe running with me, the only one I got of her at class and not the best handling or the best performance, but she is just so cute.

Whooo Hoooo Lizzie and Breeze officially graduated from Level 2 in the Training Levels. They are quite a bit further along the levels in some behaviors, but the "stand" was what was keeping us from officially finishing up this level. Anyway, I love the levels and it is all free, and there is a yahoo group where you can get help. I will have to sit and officially test Cherry and see where she stands.


Diana said...

Hey you guys still have green grass? Diana

Kathy said...

LOL, YEP! we have green grass, it has been a really warm winter here in Southern CA so far, except for one snow incident, and most of the night I was able to go without even a coat to class, of course running four dogs I was warming myself up by running, LOL.