Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lizzie and the light

So this is a trick that Lizzie has been working on, sorry it is dark and the quality is not good, but I was having trouble with where to put the camera and I wanted to be able to see the light turning on.
Poor Liz has been enrolled in OPERATION HARD LIFE. Things have gotten a lot harder for her. I know she is probably going to have to sink or swim very soon as far as agility goes, hopefully giving her a little more structure and her getting more mature will get her ready so she can do an actual agility class, otherwise she is going to be cast into the bark yard agility club. Up until now she has been lucky enough to be able to work in private sessions, but.....unfortunately she can not do that forever.
So in OPERATION HARD LIFE, ...I do want her to be a normal dog, but I am not letting her stare out the window and obsess about cats, I am not letting her get wild and whine when she cant be with the kids, if she starts whining and being obnoxious then she has to go to her crate-with the door open and wait until she calms and is released to come out, she has to hang around with me all day(she says that is the worst!). Poor Lizzie! I have actually enjoyed our time together. I have also had to sit and really think about my goals for her and what I can ever expect her to do, I just hope one day others can see the fabulous dog that I see everyday.

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