Saturday, January 17, 2009

This week

I have to say I was dreading this week, trying to keep Liz from running and jumping and keeping her safe and sane. Have to say it has actually been quite a pleasant one. Anyway, have to say I have really enjoyed my time with Liz. I found the extra walks really pleasant and meditative and relaxing. The extra time and some of the structure seems to have made Liz more relaxed and taken an edge off of her, but maybe that was the after effects of the sedation for her spay? We obviously couldnt do a lot of agility, but we got some new tricks taught with the clicker, and today I did let her run a bit doing some rear cross work on the flat.

As for everyone else, Cherry is getting the contact behavior and really progressing on her teeter and is ready to put a contact on the Aframe.

Breeze has been doing some rear cross work.

Chloe is begging for her turn tomorrow to do ANYTHING, poor girl always gets short changed because she is such a good girl.

I took a break today and went and saw Gran Torino, which was a super good movie, I really enjoyed it.

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Diana said...

Im glad Liz is doing well. Diana