Wednesday, January 7, 2009

things that make ya feel good....

I didn't sleep well last night because I realized that my niece had sent me a letter, it was one of those Flat Stanley things. The kids color this guy in school and then they send them out to people in different parts of the country and if Flat Stanley comes to visit you then you are supposed to take a picture of him in your area and write a little something about where you live... then you send him and the pictures back to the school so they can be shared with the class. Well, I got mine weeks ago and meant to handle it right away....but there was snow and I didnt think that really represented our place, so I finally went out today found a dang Joshua tree-and yes Flat Stanley amazingly sticks to Joshua trees, which is good because I was not sure how to get his picture and not stick anything into the tree and I didnt know how the kids would feel if I stuck a tree needle through his head to keep him in we were all spared that. ANYWAY, got the pictures, got them developed, got the letter done and then headed to the post office to get it handled before anything else could happen. THERE IS NO WAY NOW TO BUY STAMPS IN OUR POST OFFICE WITHOUT STANDING IN THE HUGE LINE. There used to be a machine but no more. So I only had money for one stamp and I really needed it so I got in line and just cowgirled up and knew it was going to take at least half an hour to get through the line. So I just was starting conversation and trying to be friendly with the lady in front of me and I said wow, cant believe the stamp machine no longer works so you have to stand through the whole line to mail just one letter. She smiled and looked away. A second later she turned and said here you can have this stamp. How NICE! I had fifty cents in change and said that would be great, here is money for it and she wouldnt take it. Just funny how a little act of kindness can really just make the whole rest of the day so much brighter. So Flat Stanley, is on his way back to Galveston, and the world is a little brighter for me.

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