Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Humm, does a slow handler with a couple of BC NEED a rear cross...possibly, LOL

Our practice today, we worked contacts and some flat work but I just am posting our rear cross work. The contacts were MARVELOUS, but boring to watch. I deceided to do what Elicia Calhoun said and just "make it happen" and get these rear crosses down while we have this long break in classes and private lessons. I think I should get extra credit training points for training in the rain! Hope those extra points will be worth something one day. Anyway, HUGE improvements over yesterdays practice. The picture is of Breeze and Cherry waiting for their turn looking out my bedroom window. I started working today and was pretty upset, my friend Collette called-she is the best person in the world for talking people in off the ledge, so to speak. Collette is one of those rare friends who listens patiently and then tells you the WHOLE truth the good and the bad, sometimes it is hard to hear when she tells she thinks I was wrong-which happens a lot-then she will want to go and beat someone up when she feels they were being a butt to me, hahahaha, I am so lucky to have her imput. Anyway, I was practicing and stopped and talked for about an hour and Breeze and Cherry sat frozen for the whole time just waiting for the show to start and their turn to come. I really KNOW all border collies are just a bit nuts-probably why I get along with them so well, hahahahahah.


Collette said...

I am so glad I was able to be there for you today Kathy! You have talked me down many times and I expect you will again in the future lol It goes both ways:)

Diana said...

Look at those sad pups looking out the window. Hey, did you notice the clear circle of clouds in the sky of your video. Cool. Diana

Kathy said...

When I looked at the video and saw the circle of clouds, I thought that looked so neat and I hadnt even noticed that when I was out working, LOL!!! The other dogs are ALWAYS very pitiful waiting for their turn!